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Mold Wizard Motion Simulation Add-On

Solution Partner Theorist Solution Partner Theorist
Solution Partner Theorist


This state-of-the-art application provides a user-friendly interface for simulating the motion and interaction of complete Mold Tooling Systems. It will help you save time and money and you can verify your design.


User Benefits:


- Check designs for potential interference conditions to avoid costly damage caused by collisions
- Present verified design to customers dynamically with motion animation simulating a complete production cycle
- Easy-to-use interface requires limited training


Business Benefits:


- Increases profits
- Shortens lead time
- Speeds up innovation
- Provides competitive edge
- Reduces errors
- Avoids costly corrections & delays
- Improves quality
- Quick implementation


Who we are:


With over 20 years of UG/NX experience in the automotive mold and tooling industries, we are an independent consulting firm and Siemens Channel Partner that specializes in helping our customers choose and unleash the full power of Siemens NX. We provide training, technical support, licences and implementation and optimization of Siemens NX CAD/CAM/CAE systems.



In Our Organization we have Ideas software for 2D-Meshing.

We would like to do 2D-Meshing in NX software.

We have some queries for doing Meshing in NX-CAE. Online Tutorials are

Is there any training available from your side.?

If it is available, pls tell me the process.