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Move Linked Objects NX 11.0.1

Siemens Creator Siemens Creator
Siemens Creator

Previously, you could only move non-associative features using Move Object. Associative geometry is linked so that if one is modified, the other will change when the assembly or part is updated. 

NX 11.0.1 adds an associative Move Object feature to allow linked objects to be moved when position dependencies have been previously used to locate the object.

When attempting to move the highlighted object shown below the Alerts directs you to check the Asociative selection.


Move_Object_alert.jpgMove Object Alert

Once the Associative option is active, the object can be moved positioned via Move Object.


Move_Object_asociative.jpgAssociative OptionExamination of the PNT shows the addition of the Move Object feature.


Move_Object_Feature.jpgMove Object Feature