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Move User Roles Between Versions of NX


User roles in NX allow for the customization of toolbars and menus, so the user (or more commonly, an engineering manager or admin) can display only those commands which the user needs, has licenses for, or regularly uses in his or her everyday work. It is possible to move custom user roles from one version of NX to another, which saves you the time and redundancy of recreating them each time you upgrade your software. This article will demonstrate how.

Moving from NX 10 to Latest Release

Starting in NX 10, you will find options for New Role and Load Role in the User Interface Preferences. (Menu > Preferences > User Interface Preferences) These allow you to export and import roles between versions of NX quickly and easily.  

rolenew.pngUse New Role to export the current active role. NX saves the role (there is no Save As) to the location C:\Users\XYZ\AppData\Local\Siemens\NX100\roles. You will need this for the next step.

Import the role to NX 11 or the latest release of software using the Load Role option in User Preferences. You will be asked to browse for the location of the role. Copy and paste in the address above to locate the role you wish to import.  

Moving to NX 10 or Past Versions

In NX 10 and prior, it is possible to move user roles between versions of the software by copying them over. Once the role is open in the new version of NX, resave the role. Simple and effective.

A Word of Caution:

New features or functionality in NX are often added to the ribbon bar for users to find. If moving from version to version of NX with the same role, be careful to pay attention to these or read the release information. Otherwise, you may miss a valuable new command that could save you time!

This post answers a frequently asked question from the NX Design Forum. To view the original thread, visit Roles from One Version to Next. Thanks to @GaneshKadole@ScottFelber, and @DaveK for the answers to this one!

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