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Multi Curve Continuity Analysis in NX 11.0.1

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In NX 11.0.1, the Curve Continuity analysis command is enhanced to analyze curve continuity for multiple curves at once. The evaluation of the results also features some enhancements, which will we outline here for you. 



Multi-Curve Support

When performing curve continuity analysis in NX 11.0.1, you will now see two options: 

  • Curve to Object 
  • Multicurve

Curve to Object is an existing capability from NX 10 in which one selected curve end will be analyzed for its continuity to a selected reference object (face, curve, edge or datum plane).

Multi-curve allows multiple curves to be analyzed at one time regarding their continuity. The command finds the nearest curve end points for analysis.


For multi-curve analysis, type the commands uses specified thresholds for distance and angle. This helps to find matching curve end points and skips the tangent, curvature, and flow analysis for user intended sharp corners.


You can specify tolerances for all for continuity checks (position, tangent curvature, and flow) for evaluating discontinuities.

Tolerance Markup

Multi-curve analysis curves whose endpoint continuities are within the specified tolerances will be marked up in green. Curves with discontinuities exceeding the tolerances will be marked up in red.

Deviation Label

For multi-curve analysis, you can set the deviation label display for single deviations, minimum and maximum deviations

Show Out of Tolerance Only

For multi-curve analysis, you can set the deviation label display to display only those deviations that are out of tolerance.


All of these changes help you to filter the results from your Curve Continuity analysis to get the results you need.