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Multiple Display Parts in NX12

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Community Manager
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Multiple Display Parts is one of our many new enhancements in NX12 that we will be covering in the coming months.  The majority of us use multiple monitors in our homes or offices and know how helpful it is. This is the same concept. This addition is a convenient tool that allows you to display multiple parts, drawings, and assemblies simultaneously in separate graphics windows. Not only does Multiple Display Parts allow for fast and easy switching between parts and applications, but it also allows for comparing parts and perform a change impact analysis. There is also a new tab-based layout for multiple windows which you can see in action below.



Below you can watch how to use this feature:


(view in My Videos)

NX Help Documentation - Using multiple windows

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

In NX12.0.0 there is an performance issue if you are running Mechatronics Concept Designer application with multiple tabs that have MCD content. Current behavior is that ALL opened "tabs" (ALL loaded models in the whole session) will be calculated when you hit the "Play Simulation" button in the MCD 'Home' ribbon.
For now the advice is to not open too much tabs with MCD content and to close tabs with MCD content when you don't need it to be opened as seperate tab.

Development is working on a fix, probably an extra option will be added to control this behavior in the MCD Preferences.