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NX 11 Convergent Modelling and 3D Printing

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Convergent Modelling in NX 11 and 3D printing enables complex shapes to be designed and manufactured.


NX is the only software to offer this ability to work with Facet, Surface and Solid geometry in one environment. 


(view in My Videos)


Many modern designs that are developed with newer design concepts such as lattice features or via topology optimized facet geometry (as is the case in this demo) would be impossible to manufacture with traditional manufacturing techniques. The ability of NX 11 to connect directly to a 3D printer when the OS is Windows 8.1 or higher lets the designer print parts directly from NX.


Convergent Modelling also makes it a lot easier to add things like supports to scanned-in data.  Supports are often needed when 3D printing solid models.