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NX 11 Variational Sweep


NX 11 offers new functionality embedded in the Variational Sweep command, which you will see demonstrated in today’s tutorial. The Variational Sweep command allows you to take a section of a profile and sweep it along a curve. The end result is 3D geometry in that shape.


While Variational Sweep is commonly used for sheet metal, the example shown here can be utilized in a number of workflows that include aerospace, automotive, and industrial machinery and heavy equipment.


NX 11 variational sweep 0.jpg


 We start with the profile of a section and a curve that will act as a guide and determine the path for the sweep. Open the Variational Sweep command and select the curve. Notice now that the profile is fully extended to create 3D geometry.


You have the ability to see where the section exists at any particular point on this curve. Activate Review Section and Path Increments by selecting the checkbox under Review Sections in the Variational Sweep dialog. The playback options give us the option to view the path increment either played straight through, looped, or retraced which will play the path of the sweep.


NX 11 Variational Sweep.gif


Extend the geometry of the sweep by grabbing the handle and dragging to the desired length. With that done, the next step is to trim the excess geometry from the center to create a recess. Open the Trim and Extend dialog located in the Surface tab, and select Make Corner from the type options. Next, select the face and the tool face to create the trim. In this particular case, the end result is not the desired outcome. It’s possible to reverse the trim to get the opposite result. Double click one of the vectors to reverse the trim. Once satisfied with the result, select OK to apply the changes and accept this design.


NX 11 variational sweep 2.jpg


Watch Sam Kuan demonstrate these steps in the NX Quick Tips video below.


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