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NX Aero Design Features - Shelf

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

An industry discipline will benefit from software capabilities tailored to address a practice or task unique to the discipline. An airframe part has unique characteristics that can certainly be modeled with traditional, atomic modeling techniques, but features designed for these characteristics will accelerate modeling tasks.
Enter NX Aero Design features, introduced in NX 10. In case you missed it this is the last in a series of articles to highlight details of the aero design features. In this installment, Aero Shelf.

Aero Shelf 

Aero Shelf adds or removes volume along an edge of a solid body. Faces neighboring the edge are offset and extended to produce the shelf. The academic example below illustrates add or remove volume along an edge.  Shelf Academic.jpg


A slightly-more-representative example illustrates a shelf along three edges.  Shelf 1.jpg


Dimensions control the width and depth of the shelf.  Shelf 2.jpg


You have options for a full-length shelf, or length from either end, or a step length from either end, or length that extends to a face.  Shelf 3.jpg


Shelf features added to several edges are illustrated below.  Shelf 4.jpg


And a dose of pocket blends. Shelf Pocket Blend.jpg


I hope you found this series of articles illustrative of how NX aero design features are applicable.