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NX Aero Design Features - Step

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

An industry discipline will benefit from software capabilities tailored to address a practice or task unique to the discipline. An airframe part has unique characteristics that can certainly be modeled with traditional, atomic modeling techniques, but features designed for these characteristics will accelerate modeling tasks.

Enter NX Aero Design features, introduced in NX 10. In case you missed it this is the second in a series of articles to highlight details of the aero design features. In this installment, Aero Step.


Aero Step 

Aero Step modifies a volume of a solid body to introduce a “step” (jog, lap) where the volume of one part would otherwise interfere with the volume of a neighbor part. The following are simplified snippets from such a scenario, illustrating before and after a step is added to the gray part.   Step 1.jpg


Aero Step accepts as input a face and a reference object. In the example below the reference object is an edge that is offset along the face for the length of the step. A region of the face is offset for the depth of the step.  

Step 2.jpg


An option provides for maintenance of wall thickness, offsetting both sides of the wall, as illustrated in the example above. 

Several options are available to control the shape of the step. Illustrated below, the step face is a blend and the step-wall face is a ramp. A dimension controls the thickness of the step wall.   

Step 3.jpg


The previous example is a step at the end of a flange. You can add a step to one side of a wall, anywhere along the wall. In the example below the center plane of the rib is used as the reference object and the length of the step is defined by offsets on opposite sides of the reference plane.  

Step 4.jpg


You can select a face to define the depth and length of the step. In the example below, the red face is selected as the depth face, the green face is selected as the length face. And offset is applied from the length face for clearance.  

Step 5.jpg


The examples within make evident that an aero step feature can replace numerous atomic features; construction curves and sheets, and features that modify the target body alike. 

Look for an article on Aero Shelf in the near future.