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NX Feature2Cost

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Siemens Experimenter

Tooling manufacturers can now automatically and accurately determine tooling production costs using the new integrated capabilities of Siemens PLM Software solutions. The digitalized process, from part design to tooling cost estimate, can replace the time-consuming manual job tasks. This process gives tool manufacturers a unique advantage in a highly competitive industry.


New in NX 12, NX Feature2Cost can automatically identify features on molded or stamped parts using the robust feature recognition capability. It lets you easily recognize many part features as mentioned below.

  • Wall thickness, Ribs, Openings, undercuts, etc for plastic parts
  • Bends, cutting, drawing, embossing areas, etc for sheet metal parts

During the cost calculation process, NX also gives you flexibility to apply your experience to achieve best results.


feature2cost 1.pngAutomatically recognizes plastic part features such as ribs, openings, undercuts, etc

feature2cost 3.pngAutomatically recognizes sheet metal features such as bends, cutting, embossing, etcfeature2cost 2.pngAccurately determine the tooling costs using the powerful Teamcenter product costing solution

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