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NX Quick Tips - NX 9 Synchronous Technology 2D

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Your sketches are now more versatile because with Synchronous Technology 2D you can change the design intent of the sketch while preserving integrity. It’s another way of adding intelligence to all 2D data, including legacy and non-NX data. 


Edit 2D Geometry with Synchronous Technology 2D.jpg


Synchronous 2D gives you the same freedom and speed in 2D that Synchronous Technology gives you for 3D. It even uses the same simple, intuitive push-and-pull commands when using the NX sketch environment.


In this NX Quick Tips video, I'll show you how to edit a 2D sketch using the new Synchronous Technology 2D feature in NX 9. 



This post originated in the NX Design Blog. You can view original comments on this post here.

Sam Kuan