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NX Quick Tips: Product Interface Pt. 2 – Design Change


NX part navigator.jpgWe’ve all had that moment when you make a change and suddenly everything (or most things) in your feature history breaks. No one likes to see all of those red X’s because they mean extra work for you! Repairing the part can be tedious and frustrating if you don’t know where to start.


Enter Product Interface. Product Interface identifies the target file you need to resolve when you make a change that affects associative parts and constraints. The workflow you will see today will help you make quick, painless design changes. Who doesn’t want that?


If you missed part one where we showed how to create a new part and WAVE Link, I suggest you go back and look at that first. Today, we’ll change the design created in that tutorial and repair the downstream issues that ensue.


Let’s start with a look at the source file. You can see we have two: the original IML ORG and a second called IML New. The latter is an offset of our original file. You will delete the file momentarily.


nx product interface 1.jpg


Notice when you go to delete it, a notification window pops up to warn you that the change will affect other features or constraints in your sketches. Click OK, and you get another warning that some objects you plan to delete are in the Product Interface with the option to see where those parts are referenced.


Click on Where Referenced and you’ll see not only the associated part, but also the feature and link type. In the case of IML ORG, the part is Bulkhead_gr, it is a Linked Body via Wave Link. That additional information helps to understand where to go to correct the error. So let’s do that now.


Go into the Assembly Navigator and select Bulkhead_gr. When you view the model history, you can see that the status of the IML ORG body is orphan. The source information no longer exists, and the feature is independent.


Let’s go back into the source file via the Part Navigator. Notice the link for IML ORG is broken in the Product Interface. To repair the link, select Edit from the menu. In the Product Interface window, the IML ORG status indicates it is an orphan. Right-click and select the new body of geometry you wish to assign to the file, then select OK.


nx product interface 2.jpg


You’ll notice in the Part Navigator that file still has the old IML ORG name. The geometry selection has updated to be correct, but the name has not. To correct that, you need to edit the name and description in Interface Properties. Once that is done and the file updates, you will want to look at the target file.


Notice there is a lot of new information coming in, but half of the feature history has downstream problems. The Linked Body is up to date and reads IML NEW, so now let’s look at the broken parts under Intersection Curves.


All of these can be resolved quickly simply by selecting the new geometry and updating the part. Start with Intersection Curves, which has that new surface to interact with. Once that is updated, you’ll notice Extrude has also been updated. Next you will need to Replace Face. Select the new geometry either with the picker or in the Replace Face menu under Select Face. Once the part is updated properly, all downstream issues are resolved. You can see the pockets and blends are all correct.


Watch the video to follow along with Sam Kuan step-by-step as he demonstrates the workflow explained here!


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