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NX Quick Tips: Synchronous Technology to Simplify Production Changes


What can be worse than last minute design changes, especially right before the holidays? Often times, we work on designs that our colleagues created, and we may not know all of the underlying relationships they created between features. Or even if we do, a design change to a solely history-based model can still unleash a whole series of problems.

NX gingerbread man.jpgNX production changes.jpg

Imagine having to retrace your steps and undo each connection, then start all over with a redesign. I’m sure it doesn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination to picture this scenario, as many of you have probably lived it at one point or another in your career!


There’s an easy solution though: Synchronous Technology. In this NX Quick Tips video, you’ll see exactly how the unique editing capabilities of Synchronous help you to perform production changes quickly and with ease.  


Happy Holidays from NX! 


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