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NX10 Realize Shape - Get Started Course

Solution Partner Genius Solution Partner Genius
Solution Partner Genius

I've been working for some weeks now to arrange for a quick introduction course in NX10 Realize Shape, as an effort to give new Subdivision Modeling users kicked off in the right direction. In that context, I have so far included 4 different streamlined tutorials, showing some tips, tricks, and general information for this - in my opinion - fantastic toolset.

As I hope you learn something from these videos, I also appreciate any feedback you may have. 

1. The first video is a general introduction to the tool: 




2. The second video takes the tool a step further by using raster images to shape a joystick: 




3. In the third video, I introduce an alternate technique, using swept geometry (tube) to finish the design of a roadbike frame design:




4. The fourth video demonstrates an assembly technique to quickly generate concept variations of a handheld vacuum design:




5. The fifth and final video shows how you can import the OBJ Wavefront format and edit the geometry as a Realize Shape subdivison model:



Magnus Skogsfjord


Magnus Skogsfjord
Product Manager NX
Zenith Systems AS