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NX12 Math Integration Feature (with Symbolica or Maple)

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Siemens Phenom

math_integration_01NX12 delivers the new "Math Integration Feature", expanding on the "Maple Integration Feature" that has been around since NX 7.5.  The enhanced feature now:


  • Works with both Maple (from Maplesoft) and Symbolica (the new SPLM product based on Maple)
  • Enables referenced worksheets to be embedded inside the NX Part File for portability

Fundamentally, the integration enables a round-trip exchange between NX and either Maple or Symbolica, where an NX user can pass a set of expressions to a math worksheet, perform higher-level math calculations there, and then receive the answers back into NX expressions. This entire exchange is automated and packaged as an NX modeling feature, so the calculation happens quickly and quietly during model update.


math_integration_02The math worksheet can be referenced either from the operating system or from Teamcenter. And for those times when you need a design to be portable – for exchange with a supplier or OEM, for example – we’ve added the ability to embed the math worksheet directly inside the NX Part File, keeping the calculation handy and available for use during update without needing to manage the worksheet separately.


(view in My Videos)


Why would you want to use these new capabilities?  Let's start with a bit of background information...

Historically, engineering math calculations were performed by hand on paper, often documented in standard engineering notebooks.  Over the years, some of these calculations were moved into spreadsheet tools like Excel, though spreadsheets normally do not provide support for higher-level math like calculus or differential equations, for instance.  Twenty or more years ago, a number of powerful math software packages began to be developed to address the high-powered math needs of not just engineering users, but financial analysts, statisticians, biologists, and others.  Maple (from Maplesoft) is one of the original players in this space, alongside other products like MathCAD (now from PTC), MATLAB (from Mathworks) and Mathematica (from Wolfram). 


Since NX 7.5, Siemens has partnered with Maplesoft, Inc. to provide an integration to the "Maple" math software. Maple is a powerful math calculation tool that enables users to analyze, explore, visualize, and solve complex engineering math and computation problems.  Maple also enables technical knowledge capture via an intuitive document-based interface. 


Via an expanded partnership with Maplesoft, SPLM has created the first high-end math package integrated with PLM.  Symbolica retains all of the math capability and computational power of Maple, while adding significant enhancements for use within a production PLM environment - specifically, an expression-based integration with NX, and the ability to run in "managed mode", interacting directly with Teamcenter for document storage and retrieval.


Symbolica can be used as a completely standalone product, independent of any other SPLM products, or can be used with NX and/or Teamcenter.


If you have any questions about either Symbolica or the new Math Integration Feature, don’t hesitate to contact me (Taylor Anderson). It’s fun to see such a powerful new tool enter the picture here. We’re excited to see how YOU will use it!

Taylor Anderson
NX Product Manager, Knowledge Reuse and NX Design
Tel: +1 (602) 441-0683