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New NX 11 Variable Offset Face Using a Solid Body

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Siemens Legend

With the new Variable Offset Face command in NX 11, you can now generate geometry of varying thickness quite easily. A past demonstration shows Variable Offset Face using a sheet body as the input (we recommend you go back and watch that first, if you haven’t seen it already). Today, however, we will be using a solid body as the input.  


(view in My Videos)


There are a few key things to notice during this demonstration:

  • When using Variable Offset Face, you have the option to change the body output type to apply changes to either the original body or a new body.
  • There are multiple ways to input the desired offset value, either by typing it in manually or using the arrows to drag the geometry to the desired depth.
  • At any stage, you can modify the offset distance to suit the value you want.
  • The offset preview is displayed on the body itself, so you get a true representation of what the final result will actually look like.
  • Variable Offset Face gives you control over the continuity of individual regions.


Watch the video to learn more!