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New System Studio Materials and Scenes in NX 12

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Previous UI improvement series:  Multiple Display PartsNew GesturesTable Editor Find and Filter Enhancement, 3D Box Selection 


As we continue to look at the UI enhancements, we will take a look at some of the out-of-the-box System Studio Material and Scenes in NX 12. The wonderful thing about these preset materials and scenes, is that you won't be editing as much because there won't be a need to create these materials/scenes. As a result of these presets, you can design faster which is our ultimate goal to you as a user. 


The New System Studio Materials include: 

Plastic: Layered plastics - coated, pearlescent 

Metal-Brushed: Hairline 
Glass: Refractive  


New System Scenes include: 




NX Help Documentation - System Studio Materials enhancements  System Scenes enhancements



Studio Materials and Scenes.png