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P&ID Designer: Faster Authoring in NX 12

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With NX P&ID Designer you can quickly and easily create P&ID diagrams. A shared library for pipes and equipment makes placement fast and simple. Navigators for tracking runs and systems help to visualize how diagrams are organized. P&ID Designer helps you focus on the design and spend less time on diagram creation.


New capabilities include: 

  • Fast placement of equipment and pipes, predictable editing
  • Automatic nozzles and jumpers
  • Configurable tag formatting and automatic placement to equipment and lines
  • Off-sheet connectors to link and traverse runs across different sheets
  • Pipes automatically managed in runs and can be reconfigured with a drag and drop
  • Support for pipe specifications to filter libraries
  • Annotations for flow direction arrows and notes


Below you can watch the described features in action: 


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Why is it not available in native?

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Hi Scaffold,

NX P&ID Designer is based on Siemens  4G technology which is only available in managed mode. There is no intention to make this application work in native as far as i am aware.





Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom


P&ID Designer is a tool that builds relationships between equipment in a database, not a simple drawing application.  It gives equipment level management of all P&ID items and fully integrated with 3D design in NX Routing.


What P&ID Designer IS

  • Intelligent 2D P&ID Diagramming tool
  • This application is for P&ID designers
  • Intended for developing functional or logical diagrams
  • Includes authoring, libraries, validation, 2D to 3D, and data management
  • Completely new NX application developed from the ground up

What P&ID Designer is not

  • Simple drawing tool
  • Process simulation tool
  • Built on AutoCAD, Visio, or a 3rd party product
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Did I mention that it is a simple drawing application?

When P&ID designer was first announced I thought it is intended to be a new robust replacement for the old Routing Logical. But it appears that Routing Logical is there to stay while P&ID is only supposed for those who are running TC 4GD. As a result we now have two different solutions serving the same purpose - one working in native, another not. Correct me if I'm wrong?..