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Precise Structure column in NX Assembly Navigator is synch'd with the TC Structure Manager.

Siemens Enthusiast Siemens Enthusiast
Siemens Enthusiast

In NX 12 the Precise Structure column in the Assembly NaviPrecise Structure Column.JPGgator is synch'd with the Precise column in TC Structure Manager.

  • The Assembly Navigator now displays an icon to indicate “Precise” for each assembly loaded precise or a part with an immediate parent assembly that is loaded precise.
  • To set an assembly as Precise in Teamcenter, RMB on an assembly in the Assembly Navigator and select “Set Precise on Save”.
  • The “Precise Structure” column for these assemblies initially indicates “Modified” until saved.
  • “Save Precise Assembly” command is removed.

Customer Value

  • Column values are consistent with Teamcenter Structure Manager.
  • Set a product structure node to precise inside NX


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