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Product Interface: Enhancements and Practical Use in NX 11.0.1

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Siemens Phenom

Product Interface contains a number of improvements in NX 11.0.1 which you will learn about in this post. Watch the movie at the end to see an example scenario!


Enhancements to the Product Interface have been made to align the behavior and entities to the standard WAVE functionality. To utilize the Product Interface you are not only restricted to use only the WAVE Interface Linker, although in most cases very beneficial, you can also use WAVE Geometry Linker that also allows you to select limited areas of e.g. a sheet body defined in the PI instead of the whole. The ability to utilize Group Face when creating a Product interface provides the major advantage of limiting the file size as the Product Interface does not copy the geometry – it only points to the group. This is a massive advantage in large complex parts where file size is critical. The new controlled Interface update offers the same delayed update behavior as updating normal WAVE linked geometry offering limited controlled updates when required. Often very beneficial when updating large complex parts.


The ehnahncements in detail:

  • The following Object Types have been updated:

               - Composite Curve replaces Curve Feature and Curve

               - Composite Face replaces Face


           To update Product Interfaces from earlier NX versions follow the procedure:

               1. Right-click one of the product interfaces listed in the Part Navigator and choose Edit.

               2. In the Product Interface dialog box, click OK.



  • The WAVE Interface Linker dialog box have been updated with a new Linked Feature column showing linked entities created not using the WAVE Interface Linker.


  • The WAVE Geometry Linker command is enhanced so that you can select product interface objects when the Face Option list is set to Face Chain.


  • The Product Interface command is enhanced so you can select Group Face features when you create a body type product interface.

    - As Group Face only groups entities (here body type) and do not create copies its ideal for large interpart related parts where file size might be of essence.
    - Another benefit is that you via the Product Interface and Group Face control the entities being published and can control e.g hole patterns via the Group Face feature in the sending part (see the attached movie for details).

    To create WAVE linked entities using Product Interface and Group Face follow the procedure:

           1. In the sending part create a Group Face feature         Group_Face.png                     
      NOTE!  You have to use the face rule Body Faces Body_Faces.png  

2. In the sending part create a Product Interface

    by selectin the just created Group Face feature

      NOTE! In the Product Interface menu you have to set
    the Object Type to Body




3. In the receiving part you can now create link the just

    created Product Interface using

    WAVE Product Interface






  • Enhanced control of the Product Interface update

    Setting the Delay Product Interface Update  enables you to manually control the update of Product Interfaces. When set the Product Interfaces will be delayed for update in the receiving part. In the Up to Date column of the Part Navigator you will see:

    OK.png      Up to Date            
    NOK.png Out of Date  

    To update the out of date Product Interface linked entities simply click the red tick box.

    To update all the product interfaces in your part file, you can also:

    • Choose Menu→Tools→Update→Update Product Interface.

    To update all the product interfaces in your session, you can:

    • Choose Menu→Tools→Update and turn off Delay Product Interface Update




(view in My Videos)