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Reference Curves and Dimensions in Sketcher in NX 11.0.1

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

There is always something to improve in the sketcher. In NX 11.0.1, you will find several little enhancements that many users have requested.

Displaying parentheses on reference dimensions

Reference dimensions are often used in sketches to keep track of certain dimensions without the risk of adding too many constraints to the sketch. These dimensions are typically displayed in a different color to ensure that we know which dimensions are driving the sketch and which ones are merely annotation.

This usually works well enough until you start to use colors, then everything is displayed using the object colors. Suddenly, everything looks the same. This is especially the case when you also like to display driving dimensions with a value only instead of the expression.

Below, on the left, you see a simple sketch as it will look in NX 11.0.1 with out of the box settings. The reference dimension will be displayed with parentheses. Turning ON Display Object Color, much like changing the display properties of the bottom line to thick dashed and brown, results in the picture on the right. You can still see which dimension is the reference dimension.


Sketch1.PNGSketch example with Display Object Color ON or OFFSketch example with Display Object Color ON or OFFSketch example with Display Object Color ON or OFF

 Do not display reference curves for inactive sketches

Reference curves are mostly used to construct geometry like symmetry lines in sketches. They are hardly referenced outside of the sketcher. Reference curves cannot be used in a section for a feature like extrude, so most of the time these reference curves are just clutter on your screen.

NX 11.0.1 contains an option to not display reference curves for inactive sketches. The sketch manages the display of the reference curves; they will be there when you need them.ActiveAndInactiveSketch.PNGActive and Inactive SketchActive and Inactive SketchActive and Inactive Sketch

On the left, you see the active sketch. On the right, the inactive sketch with reference geometry not displayed. Both reference curves and points will be removed from the display by default.

If you happen to have selected a reference curve in a downstream feature, such as for a vector or a point, then NX will make the reference curve visible when you edit the selection.

Last but not least, this enhancement is also propagated to WAVE linked and extracted sketches. For regular sketches, extracted sketches and WAVE linked sketches can decide if you want to see the reference curves or not. For sketches, this is set in the sketch style. For extracts and WAVE links, you can find the option on the edit feature dialogs.


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