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Reference Point Cloud in NX 11

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Scanned 3D data is a part of many companies’ design processes today—whether it is used for reverse engineering, reference geometry, or a plant layout. Convergent Modeling gives you the ability to work with scanned data directly, combining facet and feature based modeling in one. Of course, you must be able to bring data in to NX 11. That is where Reference Point Cloud comes in.

NX 11 Reference Point Cloud 1.jpg

With this command, you can load and display large point clouds stored in .pod format. In the example shown here, we use Reference Point Cloud to import scanned data of a plant layout to which we are going to add some machines.

In the command dialog, choose the file you want to import and select Load Points Now. There are options under Point Display to change the color and brightness. Change the brightness from Shaded to Uniform from the dropdown menu to change the color of the layout.

NX 11 Reference Point Cloud 2.jpg

 To determine what geometry is included in the point cloud, use the Specify Point group in the Reference Point Cloud dialog box. Specify Point lets you pick a point for each corner of a clipping box. Anything in the box is either kept or removed.

NX 11 Reference Point Cloud 3.jpg

You can also use Specify Point with the following measurement commands:

  • Measure Distance
  • Measure Simple Distance
  • Measure Angle

Finally, you can drag and drop geometry from the re-use library to your point cloud reference in NX 11. In the example shown in the video below, Sam Kuan adds a robot to the plant layout using an existing robot from the re-use library.

NX 11 Reference Point Cloud 4.jpg


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