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Reference Sets Enhancements in NX 11.0.1

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Siemens Phenom

Reference sets are used to represent the component parts with simplified geometry/different state of the geometry with the options to filter and control the display of a component or subassembly part in higher level assemblies.


reference sets.gif


With enhanced 'Reference Sets' helps to easily determine the content of your existing reference sets by looking in the Reference Sets folder.


You need to enable the 'Display Reference Sets Folder' option in the customer defaults settings.refset.pngNX 11.0.1: Location of 'Display Reference Sets Folder' in the Customer Defaults dialog

In 'Reference Sets' dialog, the System-defined reference sets (Model, Empty, and Entire Part) are presented at the top of the list and user defined reference sets are presented in alphanumeric order whenever they are created.refset_NX10.pngNX 10: Order of Reference Sets

refset_NX11.pngNX 11.0.1: User defined Reference Sets (in alphanumeric order) followed by system defined reference sets

Same order is displayed when you use 'Replace Reference Set' in the assembly.refset_PRN_Timestamp off.pngNX 11.0.1: Replace Reference Set display order

'Reference Sets' node is available in the part navigator when 'Timestamp Order' is on or off with the difference as mentioned below.



Reference sets Folder - Timestamp Order is On

When Timestamp Order is on, the Reference Sets folder displays only the reference sets and their first-level children, such as solid bodies, curves, or sketches.refset_PRN.pngNX 11.0.1: 'Reference Sets' node display in Part Navigator (Timestamp Order On)

Reference sets Folder - Timestamp Order is Off

When Timestamp Order is off, the childrens will show their construction details, such as Features, Curves and Dimensions, External Reference, Reference.

refset_PRN_Timestamp off.pngNX 11.0.1: 'Reference Sets' node display in Part Navigator (Timestamp Order Off))