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Remove Parameter in NX 11.0.1

Siemens Dreamer Siemens Dreamer
Siemens Dreamer

If you ever use the Remove Parameters command in NX as part of your design workflow, you will find these changes in NX 11.0.1 helpful.  We've made two improvements to make your experience a little better by retaining downstream associativity on unparametrized models. block nx.pngA block in a feature group and which contains two child curve features. We will go into more detail of exactly what these changes look like, but first, here are the two improvements you will notice:

  • Child curve features are now retained when the Remove Parameters command is used on a solid or sheet body. 
  • A body feature in a feature group now remains in that group when you remove parameters from the body.

 In previous versions of NX, this was not the case for either situation. 

This meant that if you had a sketch attached to a body from which you wanted to remove the parameters, you would have then to recreate the sketch afterwards. 


3.pngSketches are not the only curve feature that is retained now. This change applies to the following curve types as well:

  • Line
  • Point
  • Offset Curve
  • Offset in Face
  • Text


 Let's look at some example to demonstrate this. 


When you remove the parameters of a block prior to NX 11.0.1, you will notice a few things which you can see in the image below.


block before.png

 The block feature is renamed Body and is removed from the feature group; child curve features are deleted; and the sketch is unable to reference the parent object.


Now when you remove the parameters of the same block in NX 11.0.1, you will notice that although the block feature is renamed Body, it remains in the feature group. Child curves are also retained, and the sketch does not lose its reference.

block afteer.png


This helps you retain downstream associativity in unparametrized solid or sheet bodies. And you won't have to recreate child curves after you remove the parameters of a body.





Not to be sarcastic here, but I'm wondering what reason there might be to remove parameters from a feature?