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Room Space Definition

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Once the deck volumes are defined the next step in the process is the definition of the layout of the room spaces within that volume. The new NX12 Ship General Arrangement (GA) application provides functionality to quickly sketch the deck plan view and create a functional breakdown of the input deck volume into spaces which need to be identified on a GA view for a deck. This helps designers to rapidly define “intelligent” allocation of room spaces within a deck volume instead of using time consuming standard modeling methods.Room Functions help you save time instead of using standard modeling. This saves you many steps. Every room space is a new component. You can now change the purpose of a room, even after it has already been created.

Room Space Definition.PNG


New capabilities include:


  • Room spaces can be modelled with wall thickness to indicate space reserved
  • Each room has an ID/Purpose and optionally additional configurable attributes attached to it.
  • Room spaces are labelled automatically or manually as needed
  • Each room space can be further subdivided to represent non-steel walls if needed
  • Each wall of a room space can be assigned a specific color and attribute
  • Gross and net volume/area is calculated for each room space.

Demo below: 

(view in My Videos)