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Save Time When Trimming Curves - NX 11.0.1 Enhancements to Trim Curve

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In NX 11.0.1, the trim curve operation has been enhanced in such a way that you could consider it a completely new operation.


If you do not use trim curve because it was difficult to use, then now it is time to reconsider your workflows and workarounds. Trimming curves is as easy as trimming sheets, and above that, trim curve now allows you to also just divide the curves.


There are many new capabilities in trim curve but one of the most important one is dynamic preview, which allows you to see the result of the trim before accepting it.


Below, you see how a spline and a sketch are trimmed to a set of faces and a constructed plane. Similar to trim sheet, you can choose what to keep or discard.


NX 11.0.1Trim Curve 01.jpg


The operation is not only easier to use, it has been made more powerful at the same time.

With NX 11.0.1 you can:

  • Trim or extend multiple sets of curves at the same time
  • Trim curves to multiple sets of faces, curves and planes
  • Trim the bounding curves
  • Not only trim but also divide curves associatively

Below, you see how you can pick the locations where you want to divide the curves.


NX 11.0.1Trim Curve 02.jpg


Here is  a movie that illustrates some of the enhancements.


(view in My Videos)