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Scale Body in NX 11.0.1


This tip comes from @Redwald


The Scale Body command allows you to change the size of geometry in your model on a scale factor. While this sounds simple, the Scale Body command is quite versatile, and NX 11.0.1 introduces some changes that make it even more so.


Editing of a Scale Body Feature

In previous versions of NX, you will notice Select Body is disabled in the dialog while editing a Scale Body feature, making it impossible to change the input body. However, this has been corrected in NX 11.0.1 - You can now change the input body when editing a scale body feature.

 Scale Body 1.pngPrior to NX 11.0.1, the Select Body option in the dialog is grayed out, indicating that you cannot change the input body while editing a Scale Body feature.      Scale Body 2.pngIn NX 11.0.1, you can use Select Body to change the input body while editing a Scale Body feature.

Dynamic Preview

Previews are helpful when making design changes, particularly when working with an imprecise measure such as sliding along a scale. You can see exactly how a model will look prior to finalizing a change, so any adjustments that are needed can be done on the fly, instead of going back and fine tuning the design later.  Dynamic Preview has been added to NX 11.0.1 for scale body features.

Scale Body 3.pngPrior to NX 11.0.1, Dynamic Preview was not available for Scale Body features. Scale Body 4.pngIn NX 11.0.1, Dynamic Preview lets you see changes in scale to a body prior to applying them.

Controlling the Scale Factors

Previously, you could only define the scale factors via input fields in the dialog. Sliders are added to the dialog in NX 11.0.1 along with scene manipulators, so you can dynamically drag to adjust and define the scale of the geometry. Together with Dynamic Preview, you should have an easier time of getting a body to be the exact size you’re aiming for.

 Scale Body 5.png       Scale Body 6.png

Feature Creation for Multiple Scaled Bodies

Previously if multiple bodies are scaled, multiple scale body features are created (i.e., one feature for each body).  That means if you need to edit them, you would have to edit them one by one.

In NX 11.0.1, only one feature is created when scaling multiple bodies.

Scale Body 7.png       Scale Body 8.png

Type Tooltip Text and Image

Tooltips, as you know, are helpful in understanding what the result of a particular selection will be. In previous NX versions, there were no tooltips for each Scale Body type. These have been added in NX 11.0.1 though, so you can better understand how the scale type will affect the geometry.

Note:  General has been renamed to Non-Uniform to be consistent with other scaling commands in NX.

Scale Body 10.png

These improvements to Scale Body in NX 11.0.1 make it easier for you to both create and modify designs. 

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