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Sheet Metal: Convert to Sheet Metal

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
Conv2SM.pngNX12 has been a well-received release from Sheet Metal users. This is the sixth article in a series highlighting what’s new.


Convert to Sheet Metal is a valuable command when importing models from other CAD systems, neutral file formats, or something created in NX using traditional modelling techniques.  The conversion allows the user to work with the model using downstream Sheet Metal features.  The command has been improved to allow:


  • Local conversion
  • Corner clean-up
  • Dynamic preview

Having the ability to convert a local region of the body gives greater flexibility and power by only converting the area needed to Sheet Metal.  Individual areas can be converted as separate features localising the conversion with no impact to the rest of the model.


A selective clean-up of some corner conditions for improved conversion and downstream operations has been added together with improved performance, improved output for conversion, and better quality/results.


Use in conjunction with Visual Reporting (add hyperlink to article) for clear visibility of the conversion.


Take a look at the demonstration below.


(view in My Videos)