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Sheet Metal: Tab Enhancements

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

NX12 has been a well-received release from Sheet Metal users and this is the fourth in a series of articles highlighting what’s new.

The basic building block for sheet metal is the Tab command that now comes with some valuable improvements:

  • Multi-Profile Tab
    • Supports sketch with internal loops to create cut-outs
    • Secondary Tab also supports sketch with multiple outer loops
    • Target body selection for Secondary Tab

These improvements reduce design time, number of features and allowing internal cut-outs significantly improves the efficiency of this base sheet metal feature.

  • Multi-Bend Tab
    • Support Base Tab with bends
    • For each bend, user can input Inset, bend radius and neutral factor
    • Can constrain to, or include curves from reference faces in the sketch while creating brackets

Now, users can create associative sheet metal brackets using assembly references with multiple bends.  This improved design workflow, reduces the number of features, enabling fast bracket design in-context with associativity.

Take a look at the demonstration below.


(view in My Videos)