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Ship Building: Basic Design Navigator Enhancements

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Community Manager

 All new in NX 12.0.2 features enhancements to ship building. The basic design navigator has recieved some enhancements worth taking a look into. With these new updates you can expect less effort of getting systems into the correct node. This is making it easier on you when working with the navigator. 

Ship Structure Naviator.png 

You can now: 

  • Create an auto assignment based on type and context attribute
  • Have features as children
  • Open in Window
  • Expand All / Collapse All
  • Unset active node
  • Find work part
  • Make top assembly work part




 How to use: 


  1. Start the Ship Navigator
  2. Select the desired XML file, then select Refresh.
  3. Make a System the Work Part
    • This brings in all the system's features as children

MB3 button new options

  • Auto Assign
  • Open in Window
  • Expand All / Collapse All
  • Unset Active Node
  • Find Work Part
  • Make Top Assembly
          Work Part


How to use.png