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Ship Building: General Arrangement Drawing Enhancements

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Community Manager

 New to NX 12.0.2 features enhancements to ship building. The general arrangement drawing funtionality has been enhanced to: 


  • Configurable Drawing automation framework for automatically placing GA views and tables on a GA drawing
  • Have the ability to place arrow symbols on GA views to represent an evacuation plan view
  • Have the ability to mark certain designated areas (for e.g. insulation) on GA views
  • Highly configurable table definition capability to create custom tables for insertion on GA drawings
  • Have the ability to group rows in the table based on a particular attribute. For e.g. add up total volume of all tank spaces or total number of cabins on a deck.

Drawing Enhancements Ship Build.png


The drawing enhancements to ship building give you the ability to have a configurable and efficient GA drawing creation process, which provides increased user productivity compared to the conventional 2D drafting approach to GA creation