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Ship Building: General Arrangement Usability Enhancements

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

New to NX 12.0.2 features all new enhancements to shipbuilidng. The new usability updates to NX 12.0.2 feature: 

  • The ability to prompt user to switch work part wherever necessary while executing a given command
  • Ease of selection of deck/bulkhead for replacement  from a list as well as coloring option for ones that are being replaced
  • Ability to easily color new room spaces based on their Purpose and visualize existing room spaces while creating new ones

Usability  in 12.0.2 Shipbuilding.png


These usability upgrades will allow you to have an easy to use and intuitive functionality helping GA designers who are used to creating 2D GA designs, to quickly adopt 3D design methodology.