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Ship GA: Grid Part and Deck Volumes Creation

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Grid Part and Deck Volumes Creation.PNG

Once the Ship GA product structure is setup, the next step in the process is the definition of the ship Grid part and the breakup of the Hull and superstructure body into deck based volumes. The new NX12 Ship General Arrangement (GA) application provides functionality to help designers quickly create the Grid part using the Concept Spreadsheet and supports rapid generation of the deck based volumes based on provided input. Work parts are now easier to use, and parts can be made into a work temporarily even if they are not.


New capabilities include:


  • Automatic selection of the grid part from the ship assembly structure for creating the concept dimensions or updating existing ones
  • Availability of a frame-bar sketch in X, Y and Z directions which updates based on the concept dimensions
  • Datum planes representing the concept dimensions are resized automatically.
  • Multiple methods ( manual, section spreadsheet and decks from concept) available to create empty deck container components
  • Creation of a reference component under each deck container which contains the deck volume, relevant linked grid datum planes and the linked frame bars from the grid part.

Demo below: 

(view in My Videos)


can any one tell tell me how can i install NX ship whith out Teamcenter?