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Shipbuilding: Ship Drafting Reorganization

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

 New in NX 12.0.2 features enhancements to the shipbuilding application. The drafting for shipbuiling has a remodel. Let's take a look at what's changed. 


Drafting Reorganzation.png


What's Changed:

  • Drafting “Industry” tab renamed “Shipbuilding”
  • Ribbon Bar reorganized to logically group icons
  • Pre-NX8.5 the ship drafting command was hidden
    • Needed the environment variable to display them
  • Retire NX Ship Drafting License
    • General Arrangement, Basic Design, Detail Design and Manufacturing Licenses provide access to the appropriate ship drafting commands

The remodel will ultimatley provides a more discoverable interface while removing clutter from the old ship drafting icons.