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Suppress PMI Object

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Siemens Genius

You now have control over the suppression of PMI objects. Objects can be suppressed manually, by a shared expression, by individual expressions or by a selected expression. Suppressed PMI objects do not participate in PMI operations and can be easily identified in the Part Navigator or Information Window.


Suppress PMI Object.pngIn addition, new optional Part Families workflow preferences have been implemented to simplify the display of PMI and model views during part family generation. “Suppress Retained PMI” and “Delete Empty User Defined Model Views” preferences automatically remove retained PMI and empty user defined model views during part family creation. These enhancements provide more control over the display and suppression state of PMI objects and streamline Part Family member workflows.


I look forward to any feedback you have on this enhancement or suggestions you might have to further enhance NX PMI.


Dave Wingrave
NX Product Manager, Model Based Definition


NX Help Documentation - Suppress PMI objects

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Siemens Experimenter



Do you know if there is a way to suppress PMI in an NX Assembly when the parts have been automatically suppressed due to not being configured by the currently applied Occurence Effectivity?  I hear rumours that there is a licensed feature for this capability in NX 12?  Can you confirm if this rumour is true, what the feature name is, and if there is any documentation on this feature you can point me to?  Similar to what you are talking about here with Part Family "Suppress Retained PMI".