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Synchronize Links in NX 11.0.1

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Siemens Dreamer

Synchronize Links in NX allows you to easily update linked features, dependent features, and linked expressions to match changes in their parents without the pain and hassle of having to go back and manually change each one. Design changes are inevitable, as any CAD user knows. This command makes things a little smoother and reduces the chance of errors from missed or inconsistent updates

synchronize links.png

NX 11.0.1 introduces some improvements to make the Synchronize Links command even better.


Synchronize Links command now has a filter to limit the scope of linked entities in the tree list. This allows for more specified navigation without having to look back and forth between the “Name” and “Reasons” columns to see if the link is loaded.
ddd.PNGMultiple selections are also easier because you can now select multiple linked objects and update them in the interface using the “Update Feature” button. When multiple features or any linked features are selected, the “Synchronize Feature” button will be made automatically unusable.


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