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Teamcenter Integration: ECN Integration and Change Management

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

 New in NX 12.0.2 features all new enhancements to teamcenter integration. Specifically,the ECN integration and change management functions have been added. 


You can now: 

  • Set an active ECN for the NX session.
  • NX automatically populates and maintains content in the various Teamcenter Change Folders on Save:
    • Impacted Items, Solution Items
    • Parent Assemblies, Interim Assembly Nodes, Child ComponentsReason for Component Changes: Create, Add, Remove, Modify, Replace, Change Quantity.
  • Allows users to create a new ECN as part of the Save process
  • Once approved, objects in ECNs are promoted and released.

The ECN integration and change management addition now allows you to automate/facilitate the change process for the NX Designer. 


ECN Integration.png




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Siemens Experimenter



my customer uses TC 11.5 and NX It seems that in this combination there are limited change management fuctionality (says a message box when starting NX). The documentation says:


Teamcenter 11.5 supports global change context (GCC), where an ECN can be set as a GCC, and all of the newly created item revisions are automatically tracked as solutions of the ECN. However, NX 12.0.x does not support this and the following preference must be set:

  • CM_enable_global_context = false


Out of the box this preference isn`t depoloyed. So I can use the global change context and could not find any limitation yet. I can assign an ECN manually as well as automatically from the top menu. 


What are the limitations? Are all versions of NX12.0.x affected? Or could we expect, that something higher than NX fix the issue?





@MustafaGörmezer Have you installed Change Management template while installing Teamcenter? 

If yes and you still don't see the preference, the GCC should still work. You need the preference to turn it off. 

The limited functionality message could be because you may not be running with Active Workspace installed. If that is the case, you cannot create new ECN from NX, other than that everything should work.