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Tooltip Enhancements in NX 11.0.1

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Siemens Experimenter

Tooltips are helpful to better understand options in NX prior to enabling them. A tooltip appears when hover your cursor over a selection block on a dialog and provides additional information to explain the option. 


In NX 11.0.1, the area that the cursor must be over in order for the tooltip to display has been extended. While previously the cursor had to be over the label, a tooltip now displays when the cursor is anywhere over the colored area shown below. This makes it easier to discover when a selection block has this type of tooltip.







When a tooltip like this is available, it also replaces the normal tooltip over the selection block’s icon. This has been done as this type of tooltip provides better value than the normal tooltip over the icon and further improves the discoverability of this type of tooltips on selection blocks.




If there is a pull-down instead of a simple icon and if there are extra buttons available on the selection block, these continue to display their separate tooltips. This is because these options need separate tooltips to convey their meaning.






In addition, any type of tooltip now also displays over disabled dialog options:





This makes it possible to see this extra information for the option without first making the option enabled.


Finally, the options for tooltips on the Customize dialog have been simplified:

  • The three options for tooltips on the ribbon and menus have been merged into a single option.
  • The option for tooltips on dialog options now applies to all types of tooltips that can display in a dialog.