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Units in NX 12

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 Previous UI improvement series: Multiple Display PartsNew GesturesTable Editor Find and Filter Enhancement3D Box Selection, New System Studio Materials and ScenesSimple Part File PasswordVisualization Enhancements, Output to Transparent Background


Welcome to the final entry in the UI improvement series. We are looking at the changes surrounding units.


1.) It's important to note that the location of units have been moved. 


The Units Converter and Units Manager commands are moved to Menu→Tools


The Units Information command is moved to Menu→Information




2.) Units are listed in the SI system of units (International System of Units)



3.) NX displays the values along with their units on most of the information window output


4.) Part files only contain units in use



With these changes, you can expect improved consistency with integrated applications (such as Teamcenter) as well as reducing the part file size and runtime footprint.



NX Help Documentation - Units enhancements