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Using NX Managed Mode


NX Managed Mode empowers design engineers to share parts, PMI and other data for easy downstream use. In this NX Quick Tips video, you’ll see a typical workflow in a managed environment, as well as all the capabilities you have right at your fingertips without ever leaving NX.

NX Managed Mode 1.jpg

So, why use NX Managed Mode? As a designer, there’s no burden to you, and it actually makes your life easier in some ways (we’ll get to that in a minute). The biggest benefit and reason to use NX Managed Mode though is that it provides a streamlined process for sharing parts and data, and it gives the entire product development team access to what you’re working on.


In this video, you’ll see Scott Felber do the following tasks:

  • Design a new part (a bracket)
  • Assign people to the part, thus giving them access to view the part
  • PMI.jpgApply PMI which can then be pushed downstream to other users who need access to that information
  • Use PMI to quickly create documentation and a drawing
  • Trigger a workflow to release the part in the system
  • Check the release status of the part
  • Push out the data to the rest of the product development team


When you trigger a workflow, the part gets released so that everyone who needs to can access the part. The best part is you never even have to leave NX. You can simply go into the embedded client within NX, look up your part, submit the item to a workflow, and that then releases it. Once that happens, the appropriate people are notified, and they can then go in and sign off on your work.  

 NX Managed Mode 3.jpg

The true beauty of the managed environment is that not only can you push out information to the rest of your team, but to the manufacturing people as well. Now you as the designer don’t have to spend your precious time looking up parts and PMI for others. Instead, the manufacturing people can access it easily right from the shop floor!


They can pull up the part, look at it in viewer, and all of the information is right there for them.


See for yourself when you watch the latest NX Quick Tips video.  


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