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Using Touch Screen Gestures and Commands in NX 10

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Touch screen CAD.jpgOur touch screen CAD series continues with more tips from Mike Brown. If you missed the last video where we review the various touch presentation roles available to you in NX 10, you should go back and watch that video first. It gives you a good idea of the best role for whatever device you happen to be using.


Today, we’ll go over some basic gestures you can use in these touch presentation roles to manipulate the view of your model, select particular geometry, and you’ll also see how to perform some simple commands in this style of interface. Let’s start with the various touch-enabled gestures NX recognizes.


You can pan, rotate, zoom, fit and even orient the view of your model all with some pretty simple finger commands you’ll be familiar with if you have ever used a smart phone or other touchscreen device. Since you’re using NX CAD on a tablet, I’m going to assume you at least have one of those! The gestures are intuitive and make it easy to get up to speed fast on your device.


 Touch Gestures.jpg


If you ever get stuck and aren’t quite sure how to do something in the new touch presentation roles, don’t worry! There is a helpful tutorial you can access at any time on the left border bar. Simply select the finger icon to display the touch gesture tutorial.


Aside from just manipulating the view of your model, you can also use touch gestures to select particular geometry on your model and cycle through various commands to get what you want using Quick Pick.


 Touch screen CAD 2.jpg


We go over it all in the NX CAD Quick Tips video, so be sure to check it out and tell us what you think!

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