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Virtual Reality: Immersive Design Review

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

 New in NX 12.02 features an all new Virtual Reality function. One button click will take you into the virtual world! 


(view in My Videos)


Immersive Design review in NX allows you to see your model at full scale in complete virtual reality. This enables you to realize and understand the digital twin at full scale. NX VR will ultimatley result in fewer analysis cycles, while allowing you to get your design right the very first time. 


Please note that this is currently an add-on license. You can find it as  “NX Virtual Reality – Review”


Design Review.png


Solution Partner Legend Solution Partner Legend
Solution Partner Legend

That is quite an interesting screenshot, must be newer than 12.0.2 Smiley Wink


Ok so 12.0.2 installed, button is there. But can't launch the VR environment.


SteamVR running no problems (Both Windows environment and Steam environment works fine) 

HP Mixed reality headset - is HTC Vive a requirement ? I read it like the SteamVR was the crucial one, and HTC was given as an example.


Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Hi @danielnielsen,


You'll need to be using at least NX 12.0.2 MP0+.  And current support is limited to HTC Vive (or Vive Pro) at this point.





MP03 did it for me, all is good now. Cool.


When searching for Siemens NX VR capabilities, the aero engine model appears to be the model used for basic testing. Is this model stored somewhere in the Siemens NX installation directory?