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WAVE Link Enhancements in NX 11.0.1


WAVE links create associativity between geometry, which means if one part is modified, the other will change too when updated.

Problems can arise, however, if you create multiple WAVE links for the same geometry or you edit\update a position-independent linked object (PILO) link. Changes introduced in NX 11.0.1 help you to avoid these situations.

You now receive a message whenever any of the following occurs:

  • When you create a WAVE link using any applicable command, and a WAVE link already exists for the geometry you select.
  • When you open or load a part that has transformed position-independent linked object (PILO) links

WAVE Link Enhancement.jpg


Knowing when a WAVE link exists prevents you from inadvertently creating multiple WAVE links for the same geometry, which improves performance and reduces the file size of your model.

When you edit or update a PILO link, non-associative transformations are ignored, which can lead to unexpected behavior. In previous releases, you had no way of knowing which links would be affected. Now, when you open or load the part, you are shown which links may have unexpected results.

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