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What’s the point?

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What appears at first glance to be a small enhancement may prove to be a big impact on your design effectiveness. A new requirement check has been added in NX 12 to allow for checking the deviation from an x,y,z coordinate. This allows you to place a requirement on a point measurement feature and provide visual feedback as to whether that point is within tolerance of the design’s goal or not.


Think of a situation were you have a number of design teams working on different sub-systems that have to connect together but no one sub-assembly is the master driving the others. To ensure all are working to the same goal a requirement for the position of a common fixed point can be defined and added to a component in each of the main sub-system assemblies. A point measurement is created in each sub-assembly, and at the same time associating it to the point requirement. This will create a check that is visible in the Model Navigation Tool as well as the graphics window if desired. Each team can work independent of each other but all have a clear visual reminder of goals to work to.


To use this functionality in the Measure Point command after selecting your design point change the Reference to Selected CSYS and select the common origin of your product. This can be a CSYS in another part, for example the top level assembly, a WAVE link will be created automatically to it.


Then choose in the Requirement option either Existing if requirements are already loaded or New if you want to create on the fly an Ad Hoc Requirement.


This will give you a measurement with a requirement tag viewable in visual reporting (see "What you require") and a check status in the MNT.


So now there is no excuse for missing the point.

Steve V