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Keeping track of component and sub-assembly requirements and documenting the progress of the product is key to a productive and quality design process. NX provides functionality that allows you to document design goals and visually report on the current status of the design. Data can be organized so that it can be exported to form the basis for interface control documents (ICD) and product specifications.

Requirement values can be input directly in NX, imported from a spreadsheet or xml file or linked and read in from Teamcenter, either from Teamcenter Validation Requirements or, new in NX 12, from logical model Measureable Attributes (see It’s not only logical.) This allows organizations to continuously review design requirements and for engineers to get instant feedback on the impact of design changes.

For many releases now requirements could be connected to measurements such as length and volume, this has been expanded in NX 12 to point coordinate position checks and the Simcenter 3D Result Measure function which allows you to check goals against analysis results such as maximum force and deflection.

Resultmeasure.pngSimcenter 3D Result Measure

 Also new in NX 12 is an additional type of requirement, named a design limit, the intention of this is to document what the design is capable of, as opposed to the existing validation requirement which is stating what the product should be capable of. The design limit allows the engineering to document the limits of the component/sub-system or a feature so when used elsewhere later, or a feature needs to be edit later, it is clearly documented what the capabilities are.

To generate a report showing the status of the design, a new visual report is available allowing you to display Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) organized by geometrical features. This shows measurements against product interfaces on parts and against those measurement values, validation requirements and design limits.

 KPI_Report.pngKPI visual report

This information is also visible in the Part Navigator on expanding folders.



To facilitate this report NX 12 allows you to associate Expressions to Product Interfaces. This is achieved within the Product Interface command using RMB or within the KPI visual report by dragging and dropping an expression with a check onto a product interface icon in the report.



Note that these functions are only available once the customer default Enable Product Interface Type is activated.



The combination of requirements, checks, measurements and product interfaces displayed with an HD3D tool in NX will reduce the need for manual transfer of data to other documents increasing productivity and quality.



Steve V