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Any chance of a 3D PDF within NX?

My company is currently getting into MBE and a big hurdle is being able to share the information with everyone within the orginiaztion and sub-supliers. I realize that their is JT and JT2GO but that does not do the trick and as lame as it sounds in reality we still will need to produce a "Document". Does any one know if Siemens plans on being able to produce 3D PDF's in upcoming releases? We have recieved a few from our customers and it seems like a perfect solution.


Re: Any chance of a 3D PDF within NX?

I certainly hope so !


We have been toying with VisView and I feel a 3D pdf would work well with our current processes of obtaining review comments with the 3D PDF.

Outside sources would also feel more comfortable with PDF, just as a 3d viewer.


My company is working on a 3D PDFexport directly from NX10. It most likely will be a custom add-on to the File/Export function.

Re: Any chance of a 3D PDF within NX?
As far as I know there is a complicated way to produce a 3D PDF from NX.

in short words:
* Export a STL file from NX
* Import the STL into "MeshLab"
* Export from "MeshLab" into "U3D" (or if possible PRC)
* embed the "U3D" with "Latex" into a PDF

Of course I am somehow sure that due to many conversions at least PMI will vanish on this way ;-) but this is the only "free" way that I know of. We were thinking about this but did not implement it.
The best way would be a direct export of a "PRC" (the better 3D format in a PDF). maybe there are some dlls that could do this?
Re: Any chance of a 3D PDF within NX?

We implemented a solution with Solid Edge to create 3D PDF from NX models. Not sure how it would work in case of PMI as we haven't been using them so much yet. Anyhow in case where PMI's are used I would like to see more advantaged version of 3D PDF with pre-defined view orientation etc. The current solution with Solid Edge is also too slow with more complex NX models.

Re: Any chance of a 3D PDF within NX?

In our company we export stp from our part or assembly,  

in Adobe acrobat 9 we have a toolbar named multimedia

We import stp file into the pdf file 

It gives us many options to rotate, section and show/hide components 

Sina shojaee
Re: Any chance of a 3D PDF within NX?
Yes, with paid software there are other ways :-)
Can Solid Edge export 3D PDFs native?
If you have a way of creating PRCs then you can create PDFs with them by using the "media9" package from Latex
Re: Any chance of a 3D PDF within NX?

We are currently creating our standards for use with PMI/MBD in our databases. Our plan is to eventually create a 3D PDF. TcVis is not a solution in our opinion either, it lacks way to much and even though JT2GO is free many companies lock down their sites and don't let their folks just download free software anymore. We have this issue all the time as we currently output .tif images for our final release and when sending these to vendors it's an issue. We are looking at three different vendors to perform the 3D PDF conversion for us. ProStep, Anark, and Theorem all have solutions for this and with a template it can be quite streamlined. In addition you still have the functionality of selecting PMI objects and having the geometry highlight which is a big advantage. The other big advantage is everyone in the world has Acrobat reader on their computer so no additional software to download. Hope that helps.

Re: Any chance of a 3D PDF within NX?

Thanks for the feedback! I will take a look at those options that where posted although it seems that its a lot of leg work to get it going. We are looking into Anark as they have direct NX/Teamcenter but it adds up quickly $$$$. It would seem that if a majority of people want 3D-PDFs and are spending top dollar to implement within NX/Teamcenter that this should be a priroty for Siemens

Re: Any chance of a 3D PDF within NX?
Maybe we should all stick together and give Siemens the Money (oh wait.. we are already doing this...)
Customer Involvement process was cancelled over a year ago and there should be a new start but I have not seen anything yet...
Re: Any chance of a 3D PDF within NX?
We are using Anark and it is a costly solution but they are producing good and accurate results. In addition, they are working with us to resolve a lot of shortfalls with converting the PMI to a 3D PDF. It would be great if Siemens had an out of the box option for 3D PDF, but every conversation I have had with them, the answer is always JT.