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Associated Objects with PMI

Good Morning,


We're moving along well with PMI but it's still a little slow. We are right now stuck on a few minor things when creating PMI.


In PMI, we can select the Associated Objects; surfaces, edges, cylinders, etc. We can continue to select features but it seems we can't remove or delete them. Is there a way to edit this selection and remove features? Or edit the selected features?




Re: Associated Objects with PMI

I hope I understand your problem: If I associate some more faces/edges or point to a PMI, then I can edit it again by double-clicking the PMI. then I can see that it tells me how many object there is associated, and they highligts. then I can hold down shift and deselect those I don't want it to be associated with.

Re: Associated Objects with PMI

Holding the shift key down while the associated objects is active then pick any object to deselect it.   Be careful to watch your NX selection filter setting on the toolbar. 

In some instances you may want to select an associated object like a point to define an datum target point.   Or profile of a line associated to a curve (modeling curve, not edge or lightweight section edge) When selecting any non-solid geometry as an associated object for PMI  you want to be sure to add the geometry to the MODEL Reference Set.   By default, NX only puts solids, and sheet bodies into the MODEL reference set.


Re: Associated Objects with PMI

That is perfect! Thank you Henrik!



Re: Associated Objects with PMI

That was really good point about the reference sets.

The other option would be to create a new reference set (e.g. PMI), and add all of the related features to it.

Re: Associated Objects with PMI
From what I have experienced the PMI items cannot be added to a reference set.
Re: Associated Objects with PMI

Sorry I didn't make this point clear, regarding NX Model reference sets.    You do not select the PMI callouts themselves, but only the PMI associated objects.   Specifically when attaching NX PMI to non-solid associated objects (points, lines, curves) the user must manually add those objects the NX part MODEL reference set or define a new reference set for holding these objects.  But do not select the PMI itself.    Hope that clears things up.


Re: Associated Objects with PMI

Hi everyone,


I found this group discussion when I was looking for an answer to my (I think) related question.


I want to put a leader from a Datum Target PMI-symbol to a datum plane.

I can make the PMI symbol associative with the datum plane, but I also want to point at it.

Do you know if it is possible?


Thanks in advance!

Re: Associated Objects with PMI



I don't think pointing a Datum Target to a Datum Plane is correct for displaying GD&T in CAD or a Drawing.


The Datum Target should point to the actual CAD Geometry.



Re: Associated Objects with PMI

Hi Jason,


I was already suspecting this, so thank you for the confirmation Smiley Happy !


// Jessica