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Exporting step file with PMI

Hi All,


A NX model with PMI is exported to Step file using NX10. When I opened it in Adobe to generate the 3D pdf the step file is containing only default model views like "FRONT, SIDE, TOP, BOTTOM etc.," BUT not the PMI views which I created when modeling.


Is there any way to generate the step files based on MODEL VIEWS. See attached image for more details.


A faster response is highly appreciated.




Re: Exporting step file with PMI

Hi Kalyan,


I believe the STEP file version matters to contain the PMI. I think NX is currently at STEP version 214, in order to export a STEP file with PMI, you'll need version 242.


I'm not sure there's a license or an install yet to have NX 10 use STEP 242.



Re: Exporting step file with PMI

Hi Kalyan,

As Jason mentioned, you need STEP 242 and its separate license you have to purchase.




Re: Exporting step file with PMI

Part can be exported with PMI for both STEP203 and STEP214 format.


@Kalyan: Did you check option 'PMI' under 'Data to Export' tab?









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Re: Exporting step file with PMI

PMI can be exported in STEP203 and STEP214 formats but the output is not real PMI information. As seen from the import made by Ganesh, the Model views are created but there is no PMI's in the model. The annotations are instead "Assorted Parts" annotations. All information on Associated objects is also lost, which might be a very important part of the PMI annotations.


So depending on what end result is needed, STEP242 might still be the right option in this case...