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Geometry Translation Effects on MBD

We have a workflow in which a large number of detail parts are defined in space without coordinate transformations at the assembly level. The absolute origin of the detail parts matches that of the final assembly. The parts are defined using MBD, applying PMI and creating model views. Is there a way to remove the absolute coordinate information and preserve the model views?


In attempting to translate the part to the origin and reorient, we have found that PMI leaders tend to stretch and cameras associated with the model views no longer capture the intended geometry (as they are oriented relative to absolute coordinates). The cameras and PMI would need to be associatively oriented relative to the geometry. I don't see an option to change the orientation association of a camera. The PMI leaders are believed to be stretching due to an association with the view(camera).


Any other ideas?

Re: Geometry Translation Effects on MBD

Can you define what you mean by "remove the absolute coordinate information"? Also what version of NX are you using?

Re: Geometry Translation Effects on MBD

We have a similar challenge at my company, but it doesn’t involve PMI and Model Views.  Still I have a couple of ideas you might try to mitigate the PMI leader stretch.  I don’t have any good thoughts for the Model Views.  First, if you aren’t already selecting the PMI objects for the translation operation, try it.  I’m fairly certain it will work because I don’t believe the annotation plane or the anchor point are associative to the Model View.  And, it’s easy to try.


Another approach might be to export the model and PMI to another file with a transform to the desired location-orientation.  The bonus here is that the new file is clean and devoid of inadvertent sensitive words and history.  I am uncertain exactly how the exported PMI will behave.  I’m thinking they will appear in the appropriate Model Views, as the Model Views are exported, though they are not reoriented.  You may also need to take care to select the PMI for export from the Part Navigator, PMI folder, as selection from the screen, or Model View folders, only selects the display instance, not the PMI object.


Assuming the leader stretch issue can be solved, you’re still faced with the Model View orientation issue.  I, like you, know of no way to reorient a set of Model Views to match a reoriented part body.  You may want to ask yourself if the Model Views are really required.  Can the recipient of this product perform the required tasks without Model Views?

Re: Geometry Translation Effects on MBD

Given our current workflow, the geometry within a part is spatially separated from the origin, such that a query on the geometry results in (X,Y,Z) coordinates. We would not like to disclose the position of the geometry relative to the file origin. Currently NX

Re: Geometry Translation Effects on MBD

Regarding the leader stretch, it appears the selection of PMI under Objects in the Move Objects dialog is disallowed in NX10.0.2. Note that the PMI in this case is oriented using the geometry edges. There still seems to be a dependence on the view in the Specify Location selection as the input is a click in model space.


Regarding export, I saw view orientation issues upon export similar to those experienced when the geometry is translated in the native part. Discouraging or prohibiting model views is one approach, though filtering PMI by view and using lightweight section views are handy features, and the PMI leader issue is still unresolved as above. The recipient of the file can still perform the required tasks but the engineering intent will be less clear.

Re: Geometry Translation Effects on MBD

As I said, I'm unaware of any means to translate the Model View perspectives.  I offer the following in hope that it may prove useful.  The export approach does export the Model Views, it just doesn't reorient them.  So, you could interactively activate each Model View, Orient it to CSYS of Object, select a visible PMI, then Save the view.  In this work flow, you need to select the PMI Display Instance in the graphics pane or under the Model View in the Part Navigator, as the semantic object under the PMI folder has no graphical representation other than the Display Instance.  This approach is a bit laborious, but I believe it at least comes close to achieving what you intend.

Re: Geometry Translation Effects on MBD

It occurs to me that my previous suggestion might not work for you, if your PMI are placed using Orientation Plane = Model View.  We don't use that method at all, but I see that as a result of the export, the PMI might maintain their orientation relative to the Model View, not the model geometry.  If so, the PMI won't help you reorient the Model View.  Instead you'd select some model geometry to reorient the Model View.  The real question is what does the PMI do.  I'd hope that it maintains its relative orienation to the Model View.  If it doesn't, I still think you could reposition each PMI to be planar in the newly reoriented Model View.  Though, it means you'd be touching every single PMI in the model.  Yikes!


If all this proves to be true, I have only a lame suggestion.  If you place PMI using Orientation = WCS, the exported PMI will maintain their orientation relative to the model geometry.  Then the work flow in the prior post should work.

Re: Geometry Translation Effects on MBD

Coming a bit late to this discussion.

Would this help?


Note you can make model view SETS, which can create a set of orthagonal views in any orientation

(in part navigator, right-click on "Model Views" -> "Add View Set")

After creating it, you can change the orientation to match what you need (aligned to the part, rather than the assembly)

Now add PMI to these views...


Ken Akerboom Sr CAx Systems Engr, Moog, Inc.
Production: NX10.0.3.5 MP5 + patch/TC11.2
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Re: Geometry Translation Effects on MBD

Thanks Ken but Model View Sets are only available with the canned views and we don't use any canned views. We leave them alone from a PMI perspective. Thanks,