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Inherit PMI to 2D



Is it possible to inherit PMI on section views and detail views, or it is only possible on main views?


Secondly, can i inherit notes & specifications if i generate them in the 3D space as a PMI note?


Thank you.

Re: Inherit PMI to 2D

If the NX software is working correctly (depends on what version yo uare on) any PMI that is visible in any view should be visible in 2D drafting after you inherit PMI for that view. You may find, as I have, that there is limitation to the display of the inherited PMI. Changing the view on the drawing to something other then full scale (1/1) may cause the PMI to spread out unexpectingly on the sheet. This will cause you to manually relocate PMI to fit, after each update. You most often have to turn it alloff, then back on again to see updates. It is not as automatic as regular master model drafting.

Re: Inherit PMI to 2D
Yes, place the view in drafting in which PMI is done and go to the settings
of the view. There we have settings PMI in which different options like
alligned to drawing view, model view etc . Select aligned to model view and
tick display PMI in views . Then u will get PMI dimensions and notes
inherited to drawing.
Re: Inherit PMI to 2D

Actually that PMI tab doesn't appear for me on the section/detail views, but appear only on the main views. Please see the snapshots.


I am using NX8.5.

Re: Inherit PMI to 2D

Regarding the PMI in a detail view.

When you create a detail view in drafting, NX by default makes it dependent. It means that whatever was visible, or not visible in the main view, will be be repeated in a detail view.


In order to change it, turn on or off the visibility of PMI in a detail view as follows:


  • Right click on the detail view border and select "Convert to Independent Detail"
  • Next, just double click on the border
  • In the settings, select PMI
  • Then, from Inherited PMI drop down menu select on of the options to inherit PMI, or None to turn them off again.

I hope this helps.

Re: Inherit PMI to 2D
I would like to know how you guys are creating detail view in PMI
Re: Inherit PMI to 2D
Interesting topics.
In fact I have asked Siemens to be able to go the other way: make your good old fashion 2D drawing and make it into 3D PMI VIEWS. And vice-versa.
both normal views, section views, detailed views and "bended section views".
That would make life very easy!!
What do you think.
Siemens is positive but I need other customers with same opinion. Please support me.
Siemens NX 11 has some of these capabilities- but I want them all :-)
Right now PMI Views are missing a lot when talking user friendliness.
Let's have a talk with Dave about at PLM World.
Re: Inherit PMI to 2D
Kiran_c. Right now I create detailed views with PMI Box views
Then I can narrow the geomtry in - within a box - behind "planes"
Re: Inherit PMI to 2D

A Detail View is really a drawing convention. An enlarged view is placed on a drawing to provide additional detail on a specific area of a part. The concept of a detail view is not covered in the 3D Annotation Standards and in its basic form in 3D a detail view is zoom in. For those that want to be able to retrieve a specific zoomed in location on a model you can select a model view and MB3 > Save. This will save the orientation including the zoom factor. Next time you want to retrieve this you can double click on a model view (this will make the model view the work view) and then double click on the model view again (will Reset Orientation). Some also use the Box type Section option to limit a model display.


Hope this helps



Re: Inherit PMI to 2D
We are also doing the same. I thought u guys are doing something different
. Any way thanks. I think we can explore more through this discussion.